The terrain is located south of the Javalambre mountains, an area characterized by its abrupt topography and widely covered by dense forest extensions among which you can find and excellent examples of continental evergreen oaks. The competition area is at an altitude of between 820 and 1.115 metres.

It is formed by:

  • Gentle slopes in the area of the tableland and greater contrasts in the fall areas
  • In general, young pine trees with easy penetrability
  • Lots of rocks and cliffs in the fall area
  • It is better to protect your legs with gaiters



We invite you to share the comments of the cartographer RUI ANTUNES  from Portugal, while he was mapping the area:


Tuesday November 5th 2013

 Rui and Batista settle in at Titaguas. After a first visit to the area to be mapped, we transcribe Rui’s first comment: “I see that we have a lot of work to do on a physical as well as on a technical level, but nothing


Saturday November 16th 2013

 Comment by Rui Antunes.

 “During these days the work has been on a steep terrain with a great amount of already existing data. Therefore, on the 10th day, we have only covered 1,2 km when this work is usually done in half the time.”


Monday November 18th 213

 Comment by Rui Antunes.

 “I am arriving at what I consider to be my very last great obstacle, at least physically. It is a great height of rock named “La Lámpara” (the Lamp), I don’t know why but I believe it is because of its 185 metres of vertical slope. I may be able to reach the top within three days and finally be able to light or to turn off “La Lámpara” (the Lamp).”

foto 6

Tuesday November 26th, 2013

Comment by Rui Antunes.

“It will be essential for the participant to be a good orienteer and he must master all the orienteering techniques in order to obtain a good classification in this  event. One of the techniques that will undoubtedly be used is that of contour navigation – this technique will have to be well mastered».

 cortado infanqueabre (2)

Tuesday December 3, 2013

Comment of «Rui Antunez – cartographer».

“We are greatly satisfied of the work done in this difficult but incredible terrain.

A demanding job both physically and technically as few that I know. I can only name 3 that are similar out of the 150 that I have already elaborated´

.- Physical and technical requirements

.- Very steep areas       

.- Great views in every direction

.- Areas totally open that rapidly change into areas of reduced visibility

.- Rocks, cliffs

In short, all that a demanding orienteering athlete wishes for is reflected on this piece of land.

Everyone that comes in 2015 will be greatly impressed as this is one of the best, most attractive and most demandingareas that I have known up to this day.”

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Publication of «Mapmaker» http://www.antunesmapmaker.com/ra/Mapslocation/TITAGUAS.aspx

 Sample Map:

muestra mapa titaguas